Pool Restoration

Take a vacation in your backyard

Take a break from the summer heat this summer with a new backyard pool

At Del Suppo Inc., we not only build a brand new pool in five days, but we can also renovate your old pool in five days!

We know that renovation on your pool can be time consuming and takes a lot of hard work, which is why we have our renovation process down to a science! Our five day Pool Restoration process is organized, concise, quick and most importantly, high quality.

A Leader In The Industry

On the first day we will remove your old liner and concrete, then dig the pool area.

Day two is when we put the new coping and form in for concrete.

The third day is when you really see it start to unfold when we pour the sidewalks, install the handrails and the ladder for your pool.

Day four we foam the walls and add vermiculite to the bottom.

On day five we install the liner, fill the pool, and set up equipment.

In the end you will have a beautiful new pool!

        If you think it’s time to give your pool an update, we will come meet with you and discuss your vision, whether it be a simple pool restoration or a total landscape renovation complete with waterfall features, special concrete options or even a slide! We work with a landscaping firm to make your landscape ideas come to life. You pick your shape, size, and liner and we will do the rest! We can also install a Cover-Pool automatic cover to keep your pool clean and keep your family and pets safe when not in use.

        Our service doesn’t end after we renovate your pool! We will help you with maintenance on your pool, water testing, and also closing your pool at the end of the season then re-opening it again when summer starts!

    Uniontown's KOA River's Edge Campground

    We originally built their pool

    But just a few years later, they outgrew the pool we installed for them.

    So we had to renovate the whole area to actually include two pools to accommodate their growth. 

    The new set up with two pools

    Is loved by both the campground’s crew and guests alike!

    They understood the vision my father & I had for the pool and they accepted the
    challenge with no problem.

    Elizabeth Puck

    Dear Customer,
    I reviewed the DCED guidelines, released April 1, 2020. It addresses categories that can and cannot work during the COVID-19 mitigation. I spoke to a PA State Representative to discuss whether or not we could work and what work we can do at this

    We fall under NAICS Code 2389, which does not allow for construction; however, it does allow for emergency service to pool covers, installation of pool covers for safety and protection if the pool is holding water and safely covered.

    Code 5617: Services to buildings and dwellings, maintain pool chemistry, pest control.

    Code 8144: Repair and maintenance of household goods.

    We are able to schedule and perform pool openings, repairs, pool service work and cover work. I will schedule your jobs in the order which they were on the calendar and then in the order your payments and service agreements are received.

    If you were on the opening schedule already, I will be sending you by email a price for the pool opening. I will also include an estimate for products and chemicals that you may need or want to have delivered. Unfortunately, the store is only opened for curbside pick-up at this time. Please reply to accept the cost of the opening and then fill out the attached service agreement. We will then send you a PayPal link for your payment.

    Please bear with us. This is a period of optional employment for my employees, some of them are caring for children while their spouse in working in the nursing field, some are medically fragile and should shelter at home, others are caring for grandchildren while their sons and daughters work. I understand and support their concerns. This may
    leave us shorthanded. Please be patient while those of us who can work are trying our best to serve you.

    Please do not approach our employees while they are working on your property. We are working to practice social distancing, wash our hands and be safe. Soon this will hopefully be behind us and we will return to a normal schedule.

    Buster Suppo
    VP of Del Suppo Inc.