Service Agreement

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Please fill out the service agreement and e-mail it back to us at or mail it in to

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Donora, PA. 15033

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Dear Customer,
I reviewed the DCED guidelines, released April 1, 2020. It addresses categories that can and cannot work during the COVID-19 mitigation. I spoke to a PA State Representative to discuss whether or not we could work and what work we can do at this

We fall under NAICS Code 2389, which does not allow for construction; however, it does allow for emergency service to pool covers, installation of pool covers for safety and protection if the pool is holding water and safely covered.

Code 5617: Services to buildings and dwellings, maintain pool chemistry, pest control.

Code 8144: Repair and maintenance of household goods.

We are able to schedule and perform pool openings, repairs, pool service work and cover work. I will schedule your jobs in the order which they were on the calendar and then in the order your payments and service agreements are received.

If you were on the opening schedule already, I will be sending you by email a price for the pool opening. I will also include an estimate for products and chemicals that you may need or want to have delivered. Unfortunately, the store is only opened for curbside pick-up at this time. Please reply to accept the cost of the opening and then fill out the attached service agreement. We will then send you a PayPal link for your payment.

Please bear with us. This is a period of optional employment for my employees, some of them are caring for children while their spouse in working in the nursing field, some are medically fragile and should shelter at home, others are caring for grandchildren while their sons and daughters work. I understand and support their concerns. This may
leave us shorthanded. Please be patient while those of us who can work are trying our best to serve you.

Please do not approach our employees while they are working on your property. We are working to practice social distancing, wash our hands and be safe. Soon this will hopefully be behind us and we will return to a normal schedule.

Buster Suppo
VP of Del Suppo Inc.